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New Year, New You: 6 post-party body and skin saviours in Singapore

Get your glow and pre-festivity body back so you can start off 2018 looking great!

The year is drawing to a close and the countdown to Christmas and New Year is in full swing. If all that gift-shopping, store-hopping, party-going and Yule log cake-eating is leaving you looking a little worn-out and out of shape, it’s time for a pretty-me-quick treat. Here are the best body and skin fixes in Singapore that’s only an appointment-away.

1. Ultra V lift available at Cambridge Medical Group
Good for: Sagging, creases, folds and wrinkles that affect the corner of the eye, forehead, upper cheek and neck
How it works: Known as the “lunchtime” treatment in Korea and Japan, this helps to create the V-shape face coveted by many women. Ultra-thin polydioxanone threads are inserted under the problem areas to accelerate collagen synthesis so skin starts to appear firmer and lifted (read: younger). These threads, which are made of a special suture material commonly used during surgery in hospitals, dissolve within a year. The session lasts about half an hour. To make the experience more comfortable, topical numbing cream is applied and anaesthetic is injected into the skin before the procedure begins. Bruising, swelling or minimum discomfort can occur but usually resolves within days, and you can resume daily activities immediately.

2. EN-D+ eye treatment available at ENSOUL Aesthetic Spa
Good for: Sagging and wrinkles around the eye
How it works: Radiofrequency technology is sent into the skin around your eyes to address concerns such as laxity and fine lines. Radiofrequency causes collagen to contract immediately, culminating in an instantly lifted effect, while hastening the production of new collagen. As skin fixes itself around the eyes and improves in structure and smoothness, eye bags will become less noticeable and your eyes appear more “awake”. Results supposedly improve over time, and are most ​​​noticeable by the third or fourth week.

3. HI & Lift available at DrSpa
Good for: Wrinkles and fine lines in the forehead and around the eye and mouth, and droopy eyelids and brows
How it works: The current rage is none other than the HIFU-Sonic Facelift, which uses High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound technology to deliver heat into the deeper layers of the skin. Here, the heat triggers the tightening and thickening of collagen fibres while generating new ones. Skin fixes itself and becomes firmer and brighter, with ageing-related concerns such as sagging, enlarged pores and uneven skin tone supposedly alleviated. This is a non-invasive treatment designed to achieve the same results as a surgical facelift but with minimal downtime and discomfort, making it one of the best skin fixes in Singapore.

skin fixes
Chanel’s Grecian goddesses for Cruise 2018, flaunting smooth and impeccable skin

4. Hyaluronic Acid Filler —VOLITE available at David Loh Surgery
Good for: Dryness and roughness around the mouth and eyes, nasolabial groove, marionette lines and tear trough
How it works: The occasional hyaluronic acid filler can quickly blur out fine lines and enlarged pores and even subtly improve facial contours so as to enhance your features. From Allergan, the company behind Juvederm and Botox, comes Volite. It is made with a patented Vycross technology to give better results, while a numbing agent known as lidocaine helps minimise discomfort during the process. Volite is injected into skin to boost hydration for a more radiant complexion (some acne scars get lightened along the way).

5. Coolsculpting available at Calvin Chan Aesthetic & Laser Clinic
Good for: Fat on the upper arm, abdomen, back, flank and thigh
How it works: This non-invasive treatment uses cooling technology to weaken, break down and gradually eliminate fat deposits in the body. It involves an applicator that draws up the target area for cooling. This innovative CoolAdvantage applicator comes with an enhanced cup design and adapatable configurations to reduce treatment time by almost 50 percent. Comfort is also improved with the lower suction power of the applicator, while lower target temperatures can enhance fat reduction. This 35-minute session is relatively comfortable. Post-treatment, you can resume daily activities. Redness, minor bruising or numbness in the treated areas can occur but it is temporary. Results are supposed to be long-term (since fat cells are permanently eliminated) although follow-up sessions can be scheduled two to four months after the initial one to achieve most ideal results. More than five million CoolSculpting procedures have been performed worldwide.

6. 2nd generation of Cyro-lipolysis (Z Lipo + Z Wavepro) available at Privé Aesthetics
Good for: Fat on the arms, abdomen, hip, buttock and thigh
How it works: The Z Lipo uses a fat-freezing procedure known as cryo-lipolysis to reduce fatty tissue and eliminate the cells via the body’s own lymphatic processes. To cater to different body shapes and sizes, the device offers three different applicators. Each targets fat in specific spots and chills it over a period in order to destroy and eventually rid them. The pulsating suction movements come in 10 different intensities to boost different speeds of drainage and metabolism. The Z WavePro, meanwhile, uses radial shockwave energy to tighten skin for improved firmness, elasticity and collagen production. It also  breaks down fat molecules for a trimmer silhouette

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