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Prestige Picks: 10 Singapore Makeup And Skincare Brands

The home-bred beauty businesses making it big.

There’s plenty going on in the global beauty world, what with emerging digital brands disrupting the traditional retail scene and Japanese skincare sharing the spotlight once more with its Korean counterpart. Joining the fight now is the Singapore beauty brand. Long eclipsed by bigger international names, the local makeup and skin scene is heating up, with a handful earning worldwide fame, and others incorporating headline-grabbing technology. Ahead, we pick ten Singapore beauty brands to watch.

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1. Allies of Skin

Allies of Skin
(Photo credit: Allies of Skin)

Allies of Skin is a point of pride for Singapore’s beauty scene — it was the first local brand to be stocked at Net-A-Porter and Mr Porter. Made for the “multi-hyphenate”, the products are made for the smart consumer. You won’t find recommendations for 12-step routines — the website explains that “nobody has the time for that” after all — and formulas are kept clean, concentrated and supercharged with potent actives. Must-haves for your skincare wardrobe include the world’s first leave-on day treatment mask (the pioneering 1A All Day Pollution Repair Mask) and the Molecular Saviour Probiotics Mist which refines pores and fights signs of fatigue.

2. Bare for Bare

Singapore beauty brands: Bare for bare
(Photo credit: Bare for Bare)

New body and haircare brand Bare for Brand is all about championing self-care. The cruelty-free brand takes a timeless approach to healing remedies by using quality natural botanical ingredients derived from plants and herbs. Products center around stress relief rituals. Body care products, made up of lotions and body wash, come in scents like energising rosemary, invigorating lemongrass and mood-enhancing bergamot. Likewise, shampoos contain essential oils to deep cleanse scalps, strengthen hair follicles and recover shine.

3. Skin Inc

Singapore beauty brands: Skin Inc
(Photo credit: Skin Inc)

Skin Inc continues to make waves amongst international media and shoppers for one specific reason: Bespoke skincare. The brand offers the perfect serum cocktail that can be entirely created and customised by you. Using the brand’s extensive self-diagnostic tool to assesses your skin’s specific needs, you’re recommended three types of serums that’s best suited to your skin. To keep the results going, Skin Inc even offers three, six and twelve month subscription plans to deliver beauty to your doorstep. All of its serums are made with a Japanese patented encapsulation technology from Japan which contain caviar-inspired capsules to protect active ingredients from exposure to light and oxidation, keeping them fresh until application.

4. Alcheme

Singapore beauty brands: Alcheme
(Photo credit: Alcheme)

Facial recognition technology isn’t a new thing for many industries, but it is in the world of beauty. Local brand Alcheme paves the way with its digital skincare consultation. Buyers are recommended to upload a selfie, before they answer a series of questions on their lifestyle and skin type. Alcheme will then create your bespoke formulation based on the uploaded information. Complementing your experience is the brand’s approach to education. To further help you understand your skin needs, you’ll be sent curated articles on the right skin treatment based on your lifestyle and complexion.

5. DrGL

Singapore beauty brands: DrGL
(Photo credit: DrGL)

Here’s a little backstory on skincare brand DrGL: Celebrity doctor Dr Georgia Lee created it when she made her own remedy after experiencing blisters and persistent hyper-pigmentation from a serious allergic reaction. Made for Asian skin, the products incorporate only top tier ingredients and science to delivery maximum efficacy with minimum fuss. The range includes skin-soothing toners, moisturisers and collagen essences.

6. Mmerci Encore

Singapore beauty brands: Mmerci Encore
(Photo credit: Mmerci Encore)

If there was an award for most aspirational aromatherapy brand, Mmerci Encore would win it hands down. Founder Alli Sim first begun making her creations at the tender age of eight years old, when she raided her parents fridge for raw ingredients to mash and whip into masks and treatments. Decades later, the dream returned in full force when she rediscovered the magic of how aromatherapy can greatly alter one’s psyche. Mmerci Encore was born with the dream of offering “products blended with love and intention [to] offer weary souls that little spark of zen and happiness”. These run the gamut of essentials oils, facial mists, scrubs and lotions. 

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7. The Skin Pharmacy

The Skin Pharmacy
(Photo credit: The Skin Pharmacy)

It’s not a just name; The Skin Pharmacy is as legitimate as it gets as it was founded by — you guessed it — pharmacists. Created with the belief that no two skin types are the same, the products cater to all sorts of complexions and can be layered to suit multiple skin concerns. All of the products are created by the founders, and are free of alcohol, parabens, artificial colouring or preservatives. The range is massive, and includes everything from anti-acne and anti-aging lines, to serums and face masks.

8. MandyT Skincare

Singapore beauty brandsL Mandy T Skincare
(Photo credit: Mandy T Skincare)

MandyT Skincare has one simple philosophy: To live as naturally and as simple as possible. As a result, the ingredients lists of its products are kept short, sweet and easy to understand. All of its products are handcrafted in small batches in its boutique workshop in Singapore. The collection includes everything from body scrubs and moisturisers to home aromatherapy products and bath salts to help you build a holistic, healing bath routine.

9. Coat Colours

Singapore beauty brands: Coat Colours
(Photo credit: Coat Colours)

If your nails are permanently painted, you might want to cut out the chemicals in your lacquer. Studies are divided on the effect of toxic nail lacquers on your skin but one thing is for sure: The skin around your nails is sensitive and prone to inflammation. To cater to this, a new breed of non-toxic nail polish brands have cropped up, including homegrown Coat Colours. Toxin-free, its products come in a range of statement-making colours and are 8-free; they don’t contain formaldehyde resin, formaldehyde, toluene, camphor, DBP, TPHP, paraben and xylen. Shades range from nude to glittery gold, and boast a quick drying, chip-resistant formula.

10. FrankSkincare

Singapore beauty brands: FrankSkincare
(Photo credit: FrankSkincare)

If there’s one organic skincare name you need to know about this year, it’s FrankSkincare. Founder Cissy discovered that many beauty brands offer products with toxic chemicals, despite their claims of offering only natural ingredients. FrankSkincare emphasises 100% certified organic and paraben-free ingredients, sourced only from top-grade sources. Its dedication to sustainability doesn’t stop there; its products are mostly made of recycled materials.

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