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Prestige Picks: New Face And Body Treatments To Try In Singapore

The quest for top-to-toe pampering continues.

When relaxation beckons, there’s no turning it down. We heed its call, no excuses needed. Constant travels and hectic schedules left our skin’s condition much to be desired; aches and knots took up residence on our exhausted shoulders. In dire need of help, we sought the healing hands of some of Singapore’s most exclusive spas, and tried three new treatments. Relaxation aside, we prioritised aesthetic treatments too with an unusual shaping treatment for a perkier posterior. Ahead, the three new face and body treatments to try:

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1. Mandarin Oriental Spa’s Orchid Dream

new face and body treatments

Singapore’s national flower takes centerstage at Mandarin Oriental’s Spa. Here, the orchid is embraced in various forms. Check in all worries at the door, where you’ll be asked about your mood and sore spots. The 120-minute treatment begins with a lush flower bath; soak your feet in a bath as you sip on chilled flower pea tea, and munch on biscuits served in intricately carved ceramic pots.

A scrub takes place next. Made from rice grains and sunflower oil, it’s creamy and grainy enough for a thorough massage, ridding your skin of impurities and dead skin. No spot is left unscrubbed; everything from your toes to your elbows are thoroughly exfoliated. Circular motions in a medium pressure are applied, to gently prepare you for the pampering that follows after. A hot shower follows after before you begin the heart of the treatment: The aromatherapy body massage.

Using a fragrant orchid-scented essential oil, long sweeping strokes target your pressure points, with exceptional attention on your sore spots. As a special treat, a warm wrap is placed on your shoulders when your scalp is firmly kneaded to banish neck tension and stress. We quickly find ourselves drifting off, waking only when instructed to turn over. Soon, time is up and the mind-numbing massage ends. We hit the experience showers to stir our senses. Three modes are available, with each featuring different jets, aromatherapy fragrances and lights to mimic different moods and gently ease you into your day.

2. La Prairie Skin Caviar Facial

new face and body treatments Skin Caviar Luxe Cream

Imagine caviar on your face — yes, actual caviar extract sourced from Siberian sturgeons  massaged by nimble fingers that’ll cure any anxiety felt prior to arriving for your appointed facial session.

For more than three decades, the product development team of La Prairie has been harnessing caviar concentrate, proven to give back elasticity to the skin. This year, the luxury Swiss skincare brand released a “remastered” formulation of its legendary Skin Caviar Luxe Cream that now sees an even more effective blend of lifting and firming agent: Caviar Premier. Firming facials utilising this new moisturising cream are likewise available at all La Prairie spa cabins across Singapore for you to try before indulging in the whole product — which is beautifully packaged in a cobalt blue glass jar and comes with a silver application spatula.

Our therapist work up a great facial massage, focusing on pressure points that aid with microcirculation on the entire face and around the eye area, to enhance the benefits of the plush product. No extraction was done during this treatment. The silky texture of the luxury cream glides airily across even the most sapped skin, further enhanced by La Prairie’s Skin Caviar range. And even after just experiencing the products for an hour, the firming facial works to revive our tired, travel-ravaged face to a radiant, well-rested glow.

3. Thermal Shape at Strip

new face and body treatments

Injectables and plastic surgery may be the new norm but the word “butt-lift” still raises an eyebrow. Dismiss any thoughts you have of implants and fillers — what we’re trying is entirely non-invasive. The treatment we speak of is Strip’s Thermal Shape. It uses a four-in-one system, that encompasses Ultrasound and Thermal 02 Technologies.

It begins with ultrasonic cavitation to break down fat; low-level ultrasonic waves disintegrate it, turning it into liquid which naturally passes out from the body through sweat and waste. Three levels of treatment are available that vary in effect and pain level. Level one delivers a sensation best described as how one would feel from cupping therapy. Our average pain threshold meant that the sharp jolts were a shock to the system. So dialling down the pain by reverting to level zero, which mimics a rapid kneading sensation, for five minutes before returning to one seemed like a good idea. The pain gradually becomes tolerable, especially after the first five minutes — the trick is to distract yourself by chatting to your therapist.

After 15 minutes of ultrasonic cavitation comes Thermal O2, which combines radio frequency, vacuum suction and heat energy to improve blood circulation and the body’s natural detoxification process. It contracts the collagen fibres within to lift skin, reducing the look of cellulite while boosting new collagen production.

And now for the most important question of all: Was there a visible effect? We’re happy to report that we noticed a tangible difference. Personal before and after pictures were taken on our phones, and when compared, we could see a lift in our posterior, and smoother-looking skin. Do note that Thermal Shape is not targeted for weight loss; rather, use it to complement a fitness and clean eating regime. While the results lasted over two weeks for us, it takes five sessions to see longer lasting effects. Would we go through the pain all over again? In a heartbeat. All in the name of a perky derriere and taut thighs.

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