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Ferrari dares you to dream

The Italian carmaker encourages aspiring owners to personalise the design of their California T in its latest campaign.

To mark its 70th anniversary next year, Ferrari revisits the design heart of the brand by introducing its latest #dreamFerrari campaign. It serves as a true testament to the brand’s beginnings in 1940s that sought to push boundaries of design, style and technology, delivering automobile masterpieces that reflect that Italian fiery passion we see today.

In its bid to reach out to the current and future generations of Ferraristi, the brand celebrates the art of design by coaxing young motorheads, budding designers and creative dreamers to revel in the world of Ferrari and visualise their artistic visions on the exterior of the California T – the first model ever built by founder Enzo Ferrari himself.

The reward for the creative effort? Owners of selected artworks will find themselves in the heart and soul of the Prancing Horse in Maranello, Italy, where one can witness the design and production of its cars, and indulge in a cultural experience at the Ferrari Museo Modena.

“With the #dreamFerrari campaign we hope to bring the passion and emotion of what drives Ferrari to the forefront and inspire a new generation, while being true to the core of the brand,” surmises Dieter Knechtel, CEO of Ferrari Far East & Middle East. 

Submissions will end on November 13, 2016.