Yue Wan

Wan Yue


Scientist, 30

There’s an invisible threat to our healthcare system, one that could potentially take us back to the pre-antibiotic era where even simple infections might be deadly — and scientist Wan Yue is determined to tackle it. The threat is antimicrobial resistance (AMR), where bacteria and viruses cannot be easily cured by antibiotics. This means diseases such as pneumonia and diarrhoea could become more difficult to treat. Wan’s mission is to study the genes of microorganisms, so she can find out how bacteria and viruses become resistant to antibiotics. Her research has led her to become the first Singaporean recipient of the Branco Weiss Fellowship given by Swiss-based philanthropic organisation Society in Science, which comes with a grant of $700,000. “The fellowship motivates me to drive my research towards areas that can most benefit our society,” says Wan, who is a fellow at A*Star’s Genome Institute of Singapore. Apart from her scientific endeavours, there is something else that has been keeping her busy: Motherhood.