As director of Prisons at the Singapore Prison Service (SPS), Soh helms an agency not only responsible for transforming the local prison system into one of the world's safest and most secure, but also one that is progressive and playing a growing role in preventing recidivism. SPS clinched the Singapore Quality Award with Special Commendation at last year's Business Excellence Awards, which recognised the further accomplishments of this past SQA winner. One of SPS's biggest successes is its role as a key member of the CARE Network, which organises the Yellow Ribbon Project and supports the rehabilitation and reintegration of ex-offenders into society. First established in 2004, the initiative has expanded in recent years, inspiring several other countries to implement similar initiatives in the process. Among its other achievements, SPS boasts one of the world's lowest recidivism rates and a close-to-two-decade long record of zero escape. Soh joined the Singapore Police Force in 1982, and was deployed for various major operations including the SQ117 hijacking, the Nicoll Highway collapse and the 2006 IMF/World Bank Annual Meetings. He was second in command in the force before he took over leadership of SPS in January 2010.