Zheng Wen Quah

Record-breaking swimmer Quah Zheng Wen made waves at the recent SEA Games as the most bemedalled athlete with 12 wins. And now that he has been granted a deferment from national service to concentrate on his sport, Quah, who is qualified to compete at the next Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, has set his sights on bringing home a medal.

Family support

“They have supported me in terms of nutrition, moral support, general happiness and many other things. The fact that my siblings are engaged in the same [sport] also helps me remain steadfast on the route to my goals.”

Pushed to the limit

“As coaches and mentors, both Gary Tan and Sergio Lopez have cultivated the belief in me that it is possible to be world class and race at the highest level…I also have to thank Kei Hyogo, my training partner who now trains at Yale University. We have always pushed each other to our limits. Without him, I don’t think I would have the same tenacity that I now possess!”