Singapore's auditor-general Lim made news last year with his 104-page report in which he cited 21 government bodies for fund-management lapses. It highlighted lapses in procurement, contract management and financial administration in 10 ministries and 11 statutory boards, largely due to the failure of public officers to follow procurement rules and principles. For instance, apart from the $57,200 Brompton bike controversy that sparked public debate, the National Parks Board (NParks) had several other lapses in its procurement processes, including park development projects that had been approved by the wrong authority. Lim first entered Public Service as an engineer in the Public Works Department in 1975. He joined the Singapore Administrative Service in 1988 and has served in ministries that include the Home Affairs, National Development and Community Development, and Information, Communications and the Arts ministries, as well as the Public Service Division (Prime Minister's Office). He retired from the Singapore Administrative Service in 2007, and was appointed auditor-general.