Julien Royer

According to chef Julien Royer, one of the toughest hurdles in setting up a restaurant is “assembling the best possible team who embody the same drive, passion and beliefs so that we can work together cohesively.” For that, he’s delighted to partner The Lo & Behold Group on Odette, the upcoming fine dining restaurant that will serve up modern French cuisine.

“My cooking philosophy is very much produce-driven and is continuously evolving. I also try to stay grounded to the values I learnt as a young chef, which are to respect the taste, terroir and integrity of ingredients,” says the Frenchman, who grew up in rural Auvergne. Formerly head chef of Jaan, Royer’s ability to showcase the purity of what mother nature has to offer has not gone unnoticed — last year, he was named the Chef of the Year at the World Gourmet Summit’s Awards of Excellence.

But for Royer, having return customers and forming a lasting relationship with them is still the biggest accomplishment.