Jennifer Heng

The first step

After undergoing two abortions as a teenager due to fear, ignorance and lack of support, Jennifer Heng struggled with the guilt and shame that came with the experience for years. She went on to spend most of her teenage and early adult life feeling lost and hopeless. It was only in her late 20s, through embracing religion, that Heng had a change of perspective.

Giving back

Since then, Heng started thinking of setting up a centre to help women with unsupported pregnancies. With the support of Highpoint Community Services Association and DaySpring, she opened DaySpring New Life Centre in 2014 and currently serves as its director. Formerly a senior pastor, Heng was one of the 13 finalists for the Junior Chamber International Singapore’s Ten Outstanding Young Persons Award this year. She was also named an Honoree in the Moral Leadership category.

Food for thought

“Though my work now focuses on helping a specific group of people in need, I find again and again that many of our beneficiaries have dysfunctional, broken and challenging family backgrounds that contribute to the situation they find themselves in.”