Jagadish CV



Jagadish CV is CEO of Systems of Silicon Manufacturing Company (SSMC), which last year won some of the industry's highest awards for its business initiatives and excellence. In September, the company, which recycles 68 percent of its used water, was recognised by PUB for its water-saving initiatives and awarded Watermark Award 2013 and Water Efficient Building (WEB) Gold Certification. SSMC was also the winner of this year's Singapore Quality Award with Special Commendation. The company first won the SQA in 2005. Since that first award, SSMC has achieved global industry leadership on several fronts including profitability, product yield and cost efficiency. Helped by the strong performance in its technology and business thrusts, SSMC achieved the five millionth wafer shipment milestone in January 2013. It was also noted that productivity and innovation projects have allowed the company to save some US$130 million per year over the past three years, while its strong customer focus has propelled its growth in many customer segments. SSMC also clinched a Silver award at last year's Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Performance Awards.


Systems of Silicon Manufacturing Company