Felicia Tan

“Thank you for saving my life” is a line that Dr Felicia Tan has heard repeatedly, yet it still hits the soft spot each time. Tan specialises in breast cancer and pioneered the radioisotope occult lesion localisation (Roll) procedure in Singapore, which enables the location and removal of non-palpable breast lesions. The mother of two is now a chief surgeon at FeM Surgery, a practice that provides surgical care for a range of diseases.

Personal goals

“I dedicate 10 percent of my time and earnings to running free breast screening programmes and clinics around the world [including Bali]. My goal is to spread the word on breast cancer awareness and screen as many women as possible.”

Work-family balance

“Most people separate work from family but I merge them…I bring my kids on ward rounds on weekends and on mission trips. They have grown to be very independent with this kind of upbringing.”

A life well lived

“I deal with sickness and death regularly but I will never become cold towards it. My patients have taught me a lot about living and loving. I love fiercely and live life to the fullest, not because there is nothing to lose, but because I know that everything can be lost.”