Chiat Kwong Ching


Executive Chairman and CEO

Oxley Holdings Executive Chairman and CEO Ching Chiat Kwong made his debut on Forbes' list of Singapore's 50 richest last year, his estimated net value of US$510 million placing him in 36th place. The policeman-turned-entrepreneur is best known for popularising ‘shoebox' apartments, often not more than 300sq ft in size, a concept which he is now taking to Malaysia and Cambodia having acquired land parcels in these countries. Ching is however not confined to thinking small — in November, Oxley made its first purchase in London, a 40-acre (16.2 hectare) Royal Wharf site on the banks of the River Thames which it paid for approximate $327.2 million for and where it plans to build homes, offices and shops. The first half of 2013 also saw Ching increase his stake in advertising and security solutions company Artivision. He was appointed to the company's board in September and is also reported to have invested in a communications satellite project in Australia that will provide new bandwidth to customers in emerging markets.


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