Chan Laiwa


Founder and Chairman, Fu Wah International Group 富华国际集团创办人兼董事长
Net worth: US$6.2 bil
Estimated donations: 395 mil yuan (2004-2005)
Philanthropic focus: Culture preservation, Education 文化保存、教育
A well-known patroness of the arts, Chan's love for classic Chinese furniture led her to set up the 20-billion-yuan (S$4 billion) self-curated China Red Sandalwood Museum in 1999. The 73-year-old donates sandalwood pieces to museums worldwide to promote cultural exchanges and education in Chinese culture and the arts. 73岁。知名文化艺术活动赞助人,致力于文化交流与艺术教育工作。钟情中国古典家具,1999年斥资20亿人民币,设立中国紫檀博物馆,并担任馆长。为保存与分享这块中国文化,捐赠紫檀木给世界各地博物馆。