When Velda Tan left Love, Bonito — the online fashion label she started with her sister Viola and best friend Rachel Lim at the age of 18 — at the height of its success in 2013, she had no intention of returning to the fashion industry. However, after studying at Central Saint Martins in London and trying her hand at marketing and branding for her husband Frederick Yap’s lobster restaurant Pince & Pints, Tan realised fashion was still what made her happiest. She eventually returned to the scene in May 2015 with her own brand, Collate The Label. “Coming from an e-commerce background, I wanted to try something different, so Collate is more focused and design-oriented,” she explains.

More recently, Tan, together with four other local female entrepreneurs, launched the Galboss Asia initiative, which aims to empower women in their careers. It held its inaugural symposium in July to much success.

Clearly, the young fashionista has her hands full — but that isn’t dampening her plans for motherhood. “We want to try for a family soon, even though it’s probably not the right time as we are so busy,” she says. “But then, there is never really a right time, is there? So I’ll just jump into it and go with the flow.”