Pauline Ng started on the entrepreneurial path when she was seven, making photocopies of colouring sheets and selling them to her classmates; at 17, she started an events company with her brother and some friends; and in 2009, she restarted her mother’s defunct beauty treatment business (J Philine) and set about growing Porcelain, The Face Spa, of which she is managing director.

Despite her initial reservations of working with her mother (lest their similar personalities generate friction) and the murky stereotypes of the skincare and spa industry, Ng realised “the good thing about being your own boss is you can choose to do things the way you want to”, without having to follow industrial practices one disbelieves in.

Overcoming challenges such as a lack of capital, operational issues and a saturated competition field, Ng attributes Porcelain’s sustainable success to a strong company culture built on a foundation of trust. By 2013, the firm was named Best Luxury Beauty Spa in Asia at the World Luxury Spa Awards, an honour it retained the following year.

Now managing a team of over 40 people, Ng offers up her perspective on success: “I am inspired by visionaries who are tenacious, diligent, smart and humble at the same time. Their accomplishments are not measured by the dollars and cents they make, but defined by the changes they have created for the good of the world.”