Although Franklin Tang joined the family firm, Philip Tang & Sons, soon after graduating with a degree in Business and Finance, he still wasn’t sure if he should venture out to seek other opportunities. But his father convinced him to stay. “He shared with me: Anything you do in life will be tough,” Tang says. “If you give up now, how will you know you can’t do it?“

Fifteen years in and now the CEO of the Singapore-based software company, which builds bespoke applications (among them for a major local telco and taxi company), Tang is spearheading its transition into a software design firm. Along the way he has also had to make tough decisions, such as terminating contracts with large clients to benefit his staff’s career development .

In July, the company launched Habitap, the smart-home control application fitted in the Corals at Keppel Bay condominium, and it has attracted the attention of at least five major property developers. “Habitap is interesting in that everyone needs a home, so it’s something that’s really quite (mass-market) but it can also be premium and specialised,” Tang says.