Best known as the founder of Gamestart Asia, Singapore’s biggest gaming conference, Elicia Lee remembers spending many sleepless nights mulling over her decision to kick-start the event. “I decided that I would regret it more if I didn’t even try, so I bit the bullet and went ahead,” she recalls.

Now in its third edition, Gamestart Asia has won over corporates and individuals alike with its variety of content that appeals to different demographics and continues to gather a regional following. Lee runs the event under her company, Eliphant, which also offers eSports services and consultancy.

“The gaming industry is still more or less seen as a boys’ club and occasionally women have to work a bit harder, or shout a bit louder to prove that we are just as capable. Pushing boundaries and challenging so-called norms have become almost second nature,” says Lee. “And I’m starting to see other females in the industry become more vocal and active, so it looks like things are changing.”

On top of gaming, Lee is also an animal lover and she hopes to one day start another business that helps animals in need.