Australian-born architect Brandon Liu was only looking for a short work stint overseas when he stepped foot here in 2007, but ended up staying for almost a decade at SCA Designs. It was the right fit at the right time and it has led him to head the award-winning home-grown commercial interior design company with its founder, Chrisandra Heng. 

“We come from different design and cultural backgrounds — Chris from interior design in Singapore, myself from architecture in Australia — and each of us bring to the table different skills and approaches from design to managing people that have worked well for our team and ultimately our business,” describes Liu of their complementary working dynamic.

When it comes to his leadership style, he believes in igniting a hunger in his employees. “It is this hunger that we use to lead our team to be driven and passionate in what they do. We believe this drives growth and innovation that is required to constantly evolve as a business, to respond to the market, and stay at the forefront of the industry,” says Liu who also believes in working hard and playing hard. He has his eye on expanding the business overseas more aggressively.