When frequent work travel took a toll on Beh Hwee Sze, she took up Pilates to improve her back pains and has never looked back since. The practice not only cured her ailment, but inspired her to switch from working in the family business to setting up Upside Motion, which holds Pilates, Xtend Barre and Aerial classes.

Starting from the ground up meant going out of her comfort zone, but Beh says growing up with entrepreneur parents has equipped her with some valuable lessons: “My parents started their company with little resources and I have many vivid childhood memories of watching them work and grow the company (VS International Group). On days when I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, these memories serve as reminders that this was the journey my parents went through and I had to be as resilient as they were.”

While Upside Motion has been awarded for its beginner-friendly and dance fitness classes, Beh says it’s the laughter, smiles and thank-you notes from her staff and clients that she values the most.

“My mum once told me that by choosing to be someone’s boss, I became the provider for them and their families,” Beh recalls. “It shaped the definition of what being a ‘boss’ is for me and acted as the compass for a lot of decisions I make at Upside Motion.”