Driven purely by his love for horology, Anders Tan stepped into the watch business as an undergraduate by re-selling vintage pieces. More than a decade on since he established Gnomon Watches to retail luxury watches, it’s the same passion that fuels his business. In order to succeed as an entrepreneur, Tan feels one needs to “be sincere and honest about what you do, and stay true to yourself”.

With this, he launched his own German-made watch brand Dievas in 2006. Always fascinated by German manufacturing since  young, he wanted to make German-made watches accessible to more enthusiasts. Adored by its fans for its good quality, design and affordability, Dievas has steadily grown to be one of the bestselling brands at Gnomon Watches.

Some customers, however, tend to think lesser of a home-grown watch label, but Tan says that it doesn’t take much to convert them. “We explain what goes into every Dievas watch and also get them to wear it. Most of the time, they are convinced once they strap it on,” reveals Tan, who gains fulfilment from seeing a customer enjoying the timepiece he has poured months of hard work into. He aims to start up his own watch manufacturing facility in Singapore.