Roshni Matani

As the founder of Tickled Media, a popular content and community platform for Asian parents, Roshni Mahtani often wondered why there aren’t many female entrepreneurs like herself. So on top of spearheading her company’s expansion — it now has 75 employees across Singapore and four other regional countries working on several websites such as — Mahtani is also a firm advocate of gender equality in entrepreneurship. She co-founded Female Founders Network last year, a non-profit group that aims to break the glass ceiling and increase the number of female-led organisations.

“One project we embarked on is to simply bring visibility to successful women entrepreneurs. They are there, just that people don’t know about them. There have been many events where we see all male panels or a dismal representation of women. By highlighting these successful women, we bring increased awareness of the role and success of women, and create role models for other women (and men) to look up to,” she says.