Rhonda Wong

Sincerity has to be at the heart of everything one does, says Rhonda Wong. Formerly a treasury bonds trader, she established Anthill Realtors last year, a firm that places importance on establishing good rapport with clients. According to Wong, she also chooses her business partners based on “good values such as honesty, integrity, diligence and willingness to learn”, rather than the amount of capital they have.

Aside from work, Wong also devotes her time towards good causes, in particular anti-human trafficking efforts. She also plans to volunteer at Challenging Heights, an organisation that rescues and educates trafficked children in Ghana. “They have a good system in place for selecting volunteers, including conducting checks on criminal history. I appreciate this because there are volunteers who abuse the weak and needy,” says Wong.

Although dealing with human trafficking can be emotionally draining, this businesswoman says it reminds her to work hard and live her life well, “or I wouldn’t be doing justice to the people who never had a chance to”.