Ian Tan

Ian Gregory Tan is the co-founder and creative mind behind Witching Hour Studios, a game developer known for apps with rich narratives such as Ravenmark: Mercenaries and Romans in My Carpet. The former picked up an Editor’s Choice nod at the Digital Life Awards 2014, while the latter scored the Indie Prize for Best Game Art at Casual Connect Asia.

A good entrepreneur

“Develop a good sense of humour…being able to find the funny in anything means you’re able to see and internalise flaws. Vulnerability is a close second. Being able to share your worries, hopes and dreams with your team aligns them to your vision.”

His co-workers

“I’ve learnt to value the intangible. Like the little things about my crew that I would never be able to learn just by looking at their resumes — their kindness, ingenuity and drive. We’ve hired people better than us and I could not be more proud.”

Inspiration for games

“Game designers are, by nature, knowledge hoarders. When you have enough nonsense swimming in your head, fun things happen…ideas are such a heady drug.”