Brian Tan

It all began when local playwright Alfian Sa’at approached Brian Gothong Tan, who was then still in the army, to design some multimedia elements for his play, The Optic Trilogy. One thing led to another and Tan soon found himself working on several plays by Action Theatre and The Necessary Stage. No stranger to large-scale productions, the multidisciplinary film and theatre practitioner has since directed the film and visual components for the National Day Parade and Youth Olympic opening and closing ceremonies. 

The California Institute of the Arts graduate’s progressive multimedia and directorial works have also won him a multitude of accolades, including the recent Singapore Youth Award 2015. “The awards have forced me to re-think what I am doing in relation to society and culture at large,” says Tan, whose works often revolve around loneliness, ideas of beauty, and sociopolitical issues.

He is currently working on several plays, multimedia works for National Day Parade 2016 and is finalising plans for an arthouse multi-narrative feature film.