Ash Singh

For five days every week, Ash Singh arrives at Evolve Mixed Martial Arts at 6am to practice Muay Thai — that’s just his way of taking his mind off work. The Canadian-born entrepreneur divides the rest of his energy towards managing Kundan Holdings, a group with diverse companies ranging from sports entertainment (he is co-owner of pro-basketball team Singapore Slingers) to health and wellness (Expat Dental clinics). He also teaches tech start-up courses.

Growing up a Sikh in Canada, Singh learnt early on to take advantage of the fact that he stood out visibly. “When you stand out, you are remembered. This helps a lot in business,” he says. “Being an entrepreneur is about taking the path less travelled.”

Some of his achievements include establishing his first company, Social Network Business Systems, with just US$1,200 when he was a 22-year-old student at The Chinese University in Hong Kong and more recently, creating entrepreneurial reality television show Angel’s Gate, which was televised to 30 million homes and hotels around Asia.