Vincent Ha

Vincent Ha


Co-Founder, Gushcloud, 30

By the age of seven, Vincent Ha was already earning his keep. The budding entrepreneur rented fiction and gaming books from bookstores at $2 a week, then proceeded to loan them to his classmates for a fee. “I charged my classmates $0.50 to $1 a day to borrow those books from me, depending on demand,” recalls Ha, with a laugh. “My mum told me it was illegal because I did not register a business and so asked me to return the money to my friends.” Today, Ha is the co-founder and CEO of Gushcloud, a digital creative agency that specialises in “influencer marketing” and which, yes, is a legally registered firm. Since its establishment in 2011, Gushcloud has served over 500 clients and has launched over 1,000 campaigns for brands including SingTel, KLM Dutch Airways and Unilever. “We help connect brands to influencers [who will] reach and engage its audiences with [social media] content,” he explains. Of course, for someone as entrepreneurial as him, his business dealings don’t end there. The 30-year-old also owns The Barnett Group, an integrated marketing communications agency that offers creative, branding and social media marketing services. He is also a silent partner at Big 3 Media, a leading video production house in Singapore that he co-founded with a friend while at university.