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Best Friends Forever

This year marks Prestige's 13th anniversary and at the heart of our success is the support we've had from the friends we've made. To pay tribute, we invite eight personalities and their bosom buddies to give us their take on what makes lasting friendships. By Suhana Ab

Best Friends Forever

This year marks Prestige’s 13th anniversary and at the heart of our success is the support we’ve had from the friends we’ve made. To pay tribute, we invite eight personalities and their bosom buddies to give us their take on what makes lasting friendships. By Suhana Ab

Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me;
I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.
— Albert Camus

Johannes See with
Sheryl Lee and Chester Phua
"I have known people to have been around at my highest point but just disappear when I’m at my lowest. But I believe God uses that lowest point to help me sieve out those who don’t matter. More often than not, the true friends that remain are not as many as we think. What I look for in a friend is rather straightforward — someone who shares similar views and perspective in life but then again, I do like some form of diversity, especially if they touch me in a positive way. In turn, I am fiercely loyal to my friends so I will expect the same in return."
- Johannes
Kim Lim with
Stephanie Yeo and Harumi Ochi
"I’ve met many people from all walks of life and in the process, have made lots of friends. But I’ve come to realise that at the end of the day, the people who really know and care about me are just a select few. When I was younger, I wanted to be around friends who were fun to be with. Now that I’m older, I look for people whom I can trust, are loyal and who will always be there for me no matter what."
- Kim
Nikolai Kea with Barry Ho
"When we were kids, we’re always looking to be a part of the “in” crowd or to be seen with the cool kids. Now, I realise those things don’t matter anymore. Instead, it’s about being friends with someone who understands and doesn’t judge you. Barry is one of those friends; he is like family to me. He would tell me honestly if I were doing something wrong, even though it might be harsh. And he is always there when I need him."
- Nikolai
Isabelle Techawatanasuk
with Beatrice Techawatanasuk
"When I was young, I was drawn to people with special achievements and talents and who challenged me intellectually. I was also at a point where I was interested in knowing as many people as possible. However, soon after, I realised the value of having just one to two close friends. Humans were made to be monogamous and there’s only so much energy and time we have, so why not build a few deep relationships rather than many superficial ones? If a true friend was defined by how true they were to a particular individual (not a judgment on their character but on their relationship with me), I would have to say that my sisters and family would probably be my best friends."
- Isabelle
Elizabeth Heah with
Chantal Liu and Alison Choe
"What makes the saying “true friends are few and far between” is that it’s not easy to both understand and be understood. A true friend expects nothing more of you than to be yourself, knows the good, the bad and the ugly, and yet loves you just the same. Such people are rare but sometimes, they’re right under our noses. I suppose the truth is that you’ll find them when you’re not looking."
- Elizabeth
Tiffany Primalia Adisasmita with
Alyssa Victoria Adisasmita and Vashty Soegomo
"True friends are as precious as gems and I’ve been lucky to be blessed with a few with whom our friendship has spanned more than a decade. Time has become a valuable resource now that I have to balance it between work, family and myself. I enjoy spending that me-time with a few trusted friends who I can share my thoughts and life with, be it on an occasional girls-only dinner or a relaxing mid-week coffee."
- Tiffany
Loo Hong Zhi with
Gary Chew and Alfred Lin
"It’s only natural for us to be wary of those we don’t know and as a result, we conceal our true selves from a vast majority of people around us. This leads to the formation of many casual friends and true friends become even more of a rarity. With time, the protective layers tend to peel away as people get to know each other better and that’s when acquaintances become true friends. It’s a long process so naturally, true friends are hard to find. What people expect from real friends remains simple and constant — they want somebody they can rely on, is truthful and honest."
- Hong Zhi
Nathan Hartono with Teo Jia Jun
and Amrit Mirchandani Changaroth
"In the entertainment industry, you meet a lot of people and it has been difficult to tell who’s really there for you. I’ve been fortunate and have kept the same group of friends since I was 14, who have always been real. We make it a point to keep in touch, despite being in different places due to our studies. These are the people that I trust and cherish dearly, people I can truly be myself with."
- Nathan
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