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From Tuscany with love

One-Michelin-star chef Mario Cittadini brings you the best of Italian flavours  

Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur’s Mandarin Grill presents a series of scrumptious Italian gourmet treats this 11 to 14 January 2017.  

Helming the kitchen is one-Michelin-star chef Mario Cittadini of Il Postale. Boasting 16 years of culinary experience, the well-travelled chef is devoted to delivering authentic Italian flavours. Born in Arezzo, a city in Tuscany, Mario is known for his modern interpretation of traditional Tuscan cuisine. Tuscan cuisine is noted for its simplicity and light seasoning, whereby natural flavours permeate your palate using only the freshest, highest-quality ingredients. 

This culinary philosophy is evident throughout his cooking. The lobster salad (insalata di astice) is served with juicy lightly smoked Boston lobster, while a small, crunchy slice of pear helps bring out the lobster’s natural sweetness. The pear also provides a fine counter-balance to the savoury miso consommé.  

Although the look may deceive, the poached egg (uovo) delivers a kick in the head in a spoonful of mushroom soil, potato, onion and truffle. The creaminess of the poached egg explodes in the mouth, while the truffle effuses a fragrant aroma. 

For the scallop appetiser (cappesante), seared Hokkaido scallops are generously sized. The passion fruit sauce stimulates the taste bud with its sweet and tangy flavours, adding a different dimension to the freshness of the scallops. Topped with bottarga, the latter adds a slightly intense note but finely contained by the accompanied romaine lettuce. 

As for the main, if you prefer light, natural flavours at their finest, opt for the Atlantic cod fillet confit (merluzzo). The perfectly seared cod separates itself in succulent, rich, white flakes one at a time as the knife sinks in. The sea urchin adds depth to the subtlety of the watercress and almond milk. The long beans finish it off with a crunch for a multi-sensory experience. 

To satiate the sweet tooth, the whimsically decorated pannacotta hits the right spot. Not overly sweet but never lacking in punch, it is made of vanilla, pistachio, wild berries and burnt milk ice cream. It is created and plated to remind your of sweet childhood memories – Alice in Wonderland and Super Mario – a perfect ending to a satisfying meal. 

Experienced head sommelier Gabriele Rizzardi is tasked with wine pairing, ensuring you have the right bottle to elevate this culinary affair. Splendid wine choices range from the sweet and fruity Andreola Verv Prosecco DOC Treviso to the rich, aromatic Cafaggio Basilica Del Pruneto Merlot. 

Lunch is available in three-course, four-course and five-course menus, while dinner includes five-course and seven-course menus. A la carte dishes are also available. 

For enquiries and reservations, please call +60(3) 2179 8960 or email