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First Look: Duddha

Duddha presents bold modern Southeast Asian cuisine in a different light.

An original unique concept that aims to showcase the best of modern Southeast Asian cuisine, Duddha lends a playful touch to your epicurean experience through its snazzy comic design menu and neon interior (look out for the Instagram-worthy mahjong tiled bar feature).

The all-day eating-house located at the al-fresco dining strip of Suria KLCC presents an innovative menu showcasing Chef Jet Lo’s signature style of modern Southeast Asian cuisine. Chef Jet formerly sharpened his culinary skills at Ding Dong, a popular mod Asian eatery located in Singapore’s Chinatown where he picked up various inventive techniques that provided a unique spin on traditional food. The Sabahan native grew up with a family who shares the same passion for food and the menu at Duddha bears nuances of his childhood.

Expect innovative dishes such as Crispy Chicken Bone with Nan Ru (fermented bean curd) served in a bucket à la KFC, 48 Hours Wagyu Beef Cheek Rendang with Puffed Rice & Crispy Herbs, Ayam Masak Merah with Caramelised Onions and Jack Fruit Tempura & Cucumber Salad. Desserts are worth a try as well as you’ll find Malaysian childhood favourites such as Duddha Yin & Yang of Kopiko Ice Cream, Thai Tea, Condensed Milk & Honey Comb or Upside Down Ondeh-Ondeh with Sambal. The selection of cocktails pay homage to Asian flavours featuring ingredients such as turmeric, Thai basil, dried longan and Chinese wolfberries.