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A Dashing Feast

For this Christmas Eve, come and be serenaded by The Solianos while you dine at the Colonial Cafe, The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Even if you are not celebrating Christmas, seeing those whimsical festive decorations at the malls along with joyous Christmas carols on the radio can make anyone excited. Clearly, this season is for everyone; it is a festivity that people seize as an opportunity to gather and be merry with their friends, loved ones and families. As for this Christmas Eve, why not give the Colonial Cafe at The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur a go?

Here, things are getting warmer and fuzzier as the establishment is celebrating this joyous occasion by launching its first-ever Majestic Christmas album with The Solianos, who are the only family in Malaysian show business that can claim having a jazz heritage dating back to the nation’s history. Of course, The Solianos will also be there to sing to you as you dine and enjoy the Christmas Eve menu.

The dinner menu includes all the classic favourites. It starts with mulled wine to warm your palate for the feast to come, an amuse-bouche that features smoke salmon combined with crème fraiche and fresh dill, seared bay scallops for an appetiser, a gorgeous French onion soup with rich Gruyere toast, a hearty roast turkey dish with parsnip mashed for main course, and ends with an orange parfait with cinnamon crumble topped with grapefruit sherbet to put an exclamation to your night.

This Christmas Eve dinner menu also comes with wine pairing. For more information, please visit