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Familiar Flavours

Have you met Shelley Yu?

The newest addition to Bangsar’s restaurant scene, Shelley Yu’s is packed with artisanal cocktails crafted to be paired with its offerings of traditional Nyonya food that comes with a hint of modern twist.

Located on Jalan Telawi 3, it is not hard to spot the vibrant, cosy establishment – you just have to identify by its neon pink sign. Casual yet filled with elegant Nyonya touches, you will see an exuberant mural of tropical flora blend, with a hodgepodge of quirky tiles found on the walls enhances the Peranakan experience. Even the tableware is not spared; each a unique work of art hand-picked from the treasure troves of Chinatown’s antique shops.

And the food? Traditional Nyonya cuisine which was a part of the chef’s family tradition passed down from generation to generation. You will find dishes such as pongteh and sotong masak hitam to cincalok fried egg and pai tee, all made from authentic ingredients including candle nut, kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass and belacan. And from the undiluted flavours, you can tell that no shortcuts are taken, even for the simplest of dishes.

Though the food is admirable, I was in loved with its cocktail selection which has a strong gin focus. Featuring clever twists on four iconic gin cocktails, namely the gin and tonic, martini, gimlet and negroni, all are crafted to harmonise with the spices found in the Nyonya cuisine. Also, in order to achieve the best explicit effect, the bartenders, Zach Luther and Jenghis Pettit, have decided to create house-carbonated and bottled tonics. So instead of simply garnishing them with Nyonya ingredients, the drinks are infused with them. The tonics are created using cinchona bark and come in flavours such as bunga telang, pandan, and tamarind. Other ingredients incorporated into their cocktails are galangal, asam boi, coriander and sambal.

Currently open daily for lunch and dinner. For more information, please call +603 2201 4139 or visit its website at