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From the quintessential nasi lemak to the childhood ais kepal, Traders Hotel’s new Memory Makers menu will take you on a journey. 

Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur introduces the new Memory Makers menu, created based on the feedback from guests who remain loyal to their favourite dish or drink. With three operating dining outlets – Gobo Chit Chat, Gobo Upstairs Lounge & Grill and SkyBar, the hotel chefs were tasked with the challenge of creating a single dish or drink that will be truly exclusive to the respective outlets. The standout dishes that made the cut are not only the favourable preference among their guests, but are also beautifully presented and reminiscent of your childhood experience.

The data collection involved a vigorous process that spanned several months as prominent personalities in the local culinary scene were invited to an exclusive tasting where their comments were integral in the development of the Memory Makers menu. 

1. Mushroom tea

An engaging presentation served in a teapot, the mushroom tea is essentially a light and flavourful wild mushroom broth served piping hot with crunchy salted tempura oyster mushrooms on the side. Unlike the conventional creamy mushroom soup, the broth wasn’t too rich which made this an excellent starter to the meal. 

2. Nasi lemak

A staple Malaysian dish, what’s truly unique about this version is the fragrant rice which has been steamed inside the coconut shell together with the coconut water and milk. The best way to consume the fragrant rice is together with the sweet coconut flesh inside the shell. Take your pick from chicken rendang or ayam berempah as your main dish together with spicy prawn sambal and anchovies. 

3. Threesome meat platter

Created for the carnivore in mind, this dish offers a variety of chicken, lamb and steak that can be shared among two. Gobo Upstairs Lounge & Grill is renowned for their steaks and fine cuts, and they bring that identity to the Memory Makers menu. The well-proportioned steaks and cuts comes with respective sauces – pumpkin puree for the chicken, artichoke and coriander pesto for the lamb and Rosemary and Bordelaise sauce for the tenderloin steak. To our delight, the steaks were not well-done, revealing a soft pink flesh that gave away the juiciness of the steak. A side of seasoned vegetables was a much-welcomed break from the heavy meat platter. 

4. Le Bon Vivant Ice Kepal

At first glance, this traditional dessert will evoke childhood memories of you slurping on a ball of ice to cool down during those scorching hot days. Inspired by the local ice kepal treat that was popular back in the 70s and 80s, this elevated version comes topped with sweet raspberries and a generous serving of syrup. A surprise twist lies underneath the shaved ice as you’ll have to eat your way through where an ice cream core adds more sweetness to the dessert. The bright buckets and sheer simplicity of this dessert brings nostalgia and fun to the table.

5. Cherry Bomm

The phrase death by chocolate is certainly apt for this dessert, as a beautiful sphere of white chocolate is surrounded by delicate edible flowers and raspberries. A visually engaging presentation follows as hot dark chocolate is poured down the white chocolate, thus melting the sphere to reveal a delightful surprise inside. 

6. Sky 33 or Singapore Sling

Cocktails are not excused from the menu as Traders Hotel’s famous SkyBar is a strong contender in the field. Choose the refreshing Sky 33 to cool down on a hot day as the fresh apples, kiwi and kaffir lime leaves with vodka makes the ideal thirst quencher. The Singapore Sling is an improved version that caters to those who want a stronger alcohol kick in their drink as it is slung with Tanqueray gin, hibiscus syrup, Elder flower syrup, pineapple juice, dash of absinthe, shaken and top with a roselle flower.