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Louis Vuitton GMT: a new watch for travellers

Form and function collide in the French maison‘s latest timepiece.

The new timepiece from La Fabrique du Temps Louis Vuitton is the ultimate choice for jetsetters who value comfort and luxury. For frequent travellers, a cozy fit is of the utmost importance, and this new watch, which will arrive in stores in June, delivers just that.

The overall feel of the watch exudes masculinity, but its satin-finished sides give the piece a polished look, and its curves fit perfectly around the wrist, ensuring maximum comfort. Similarly, the circle and square, two contrasting shapes, merge to form a unique casing that has never been used on a Louis Vuitton timepiece before.

The house draws inspiration from the personal emblem of Gaston-Louis Vuitton, using Vuitton’s signature V as a design anchor for the arrow, watch hand, steel bridge and 12 o’clock. The house’s Taurillon leather was used on the range of bracelets, as its suppleness provides added comfort and whose grainy texture adds to the polished design. Featuring a GMT complication, the timepiece enables travellers to keep track of time in another time zone ­– be it their next exotic destination or home sweet home.