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Showers of Blessing

Thailand’s famous, water-filled fray known as the Songkran Festival returns April 13 and promises to be yet another fun-filled spectacle.

Traditionally marked as a ritual for the Thai New Year celebrations from April 13 to 16, Songkran has morphed from a gentle pouring of water on family and close friends’ heads (to signify cleansing the ills of the past year), to become a vibrant, fully-fledged water party on the streets. Today, the festival is observed nation-wide and has become a cultural hit with tourists as well. Thousands of foreigners flock to the Land of Smiles each year to witness the ushering in of a wet and wild New Year and to partake in the raucous fun.

Even hotels such as with Hansar Bangkok, an award-winning all-suite hotel, are offering Songkran Packages. At Hansar, a two-night stay at the luxurious Studio Suite comes with not just complimentary breakfast and WiFi, but a Songkran survival kit (of water pistols and sunblock). Guests are also treated to special Khao Chae desserts which are served only during Songkran, as well as luxurious oil massages and spa treatments, ideal for soothing the tiredness and aches from all the water revelry.