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Around the World in the Four Seasons Private Jet

Take off on a luxurious new travel experience which takes in four continents over 23 days.

Private-jet holidays are much in vogue, with the Four Seasons brand being among the first major hospitality brands to offer a continuous travel experience that encompasses a customised Boeing aircraft and a network of luxurious hotels and resorts in some of the most sought-after destinations around the world.

On its recently announced World of Adventures journey, which takes place on October 19-November 11, 2018, the Four Seasons Private Jet touches down in eight countries on four continents, while almost completely circumnavigating the globe.

Unusually on this itinerary, guests won’t be staying in a Four Seasons property at each stop on the way, as the hotel company lacks a presence in Rwanda and the Galapagos Islands – each of which is visited en route. However, they’ll make up for that with a three-night sojourn at the famed Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan, where a full programme of activities both cultural and sybaritic doubtless awaits them.

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