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The best of Milan is showcased during the week-long La Vendemmia

It is perhaps what most would label as being the holy trinity of fashion locations. It is after all a well-known fact that Via MonteNapoleone, Via Verri and Via Sant’Andrea, at the centre of Milan, are where one heads to in search of the most luxurious brands. With that in mind, imagine a situation when these streets are brought to a standstill, making way for a fashion street party, as some of the City’s most stylish congregate to indulge in another favourite activity for the chic – wine tasting.

It has now become a yearly affair for the Associazione MonteNapeolone to put together an event that sees the coming together of two areas in which Italy excels – fashion and the art of winemaking. The event, entitled La Vendemmia, which was recently held for the sixth time, is designed to create a unique experience especially for clients of Milan’s top brands.

“It revolves around the passions of our clients or what we think could become the passions of our clients,” says Guglielmo Miani, president of Associazione MonteNapeolone, which was formed to develop promotional activities for members of the association. “During this event, visitors can experience the world of wines and start appreciating something that was previously not on their radar.”

Miani who is also president and C.E.O of the fashion house Larusmiani S.p.A, located along Via MonteNapoleone, added that the objective of the event was to enhance one’s knowledge of Milan to understand that it is a city that goes beyond just fashion.

The most recent La Vendemmia was held in early October 2015. During the week-long event, holders of a special VIP Pass were given the opportunity to experience special privileges that included dedicated shopping experiences, tastings, special winery openings as well as access to museums.

The opening night saw a flurry of activity emerge along the fashionable district as guests of the event sashayed their way through the various stores to sample the fine wine. The latest edition of La Vendemmia also the participation of Via Santo Spirito and Via Borgospesso, showcasing some of the best sommeliers and the most renowned national and international wineries.

Miani elaborates that the event has grown substantially since it was launch six years ago. Then it was just one night with 30 brands participating. Now La Vendemmia has 100 brands, 10 luxury hotels and 25 restaurants on board. Hotels involved will offer their guests exclusive packages that include the VIP Pass to the planned events while hotel restaurants create special menus. Restaurants take part by offering a specially created La Vendemmia tasting menu.

The coming together of these various entities is an example of how the cultural and commercial aspects of different industries are able to create a link between Made in Italy luxury and wine for an international public. And as Miani affirmed, it only makes sense to do it in Milan.

“Milan is the centre of luxury, style and taste,” concludes Miani. “It is only natural to do it here.”