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The Slate in Phuket Has Customised The Ultimate Men’s Weekend Getaway

Zero tomfoolery ahead.

Hangovers can take a backseat because your next weekend is all about what’s really good for you. Tequila, with all it’s upsides, is no match for what The Slate in Phuket, Thailand is now offering. So clear your weekend, pack a few sporty clothes, and check into one of Asia’s best resorts. You’ll be glad you did.

This month, the resort is offering a weekend package tailored for “hardworking men”. With three items on the agenda — ‘hit’, ‘heal’ and ‘heat’, the weekend jaunt packs an extra punch — literally.

The pool suite

The stay begins with ‘hit’, an intense Thai boxing session where guests (that’s you) learn the art of Thailand’s national sport. The one-to-one lesson comes from skilled martial arts specialists at The Slate and although we can’t guarantee you’ll sweat off the stress from work (and generally, life), it’s highly likely that you’ll gain confidence in your workouts or at the very least, improve your balance.

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Coqoon Spa

‘Heal’ afternoons are a lot more relaxed at The Slate, but that’s not to say you won’t be hurting a tiny bit. If you’ve never had a Thai massage, you’re about to find yourself twisting and bending in ways you never knew possible. Meant to work through aching muscles, Coqoon Spa’s experienced therapists will apply appropriate pressure to the body’s energy meridians, which helps release built-up tension, improve blood circulation and free the body of toxins that have gathered in tired or overworked muscles. Knowing all of this makes a Thai massage seem even better than say, an aromatherapy massage.

Japanese food at the new restaurant, Rivet

Finally, what’s a weekend in Thailand without Thai food? Except this time, you’ll be the one making it. With ‘heat’, guests will learn how to cook authentic local dishes at Moo’s Kitchen. Each dish incorporates local spices, ensuring that each bite is bursting with flavours — although it us up to you to bring the skills.

Need a drink to get on board? It is a vacation, after all. The package also comes with a bottle of Chalong Bay rum, an authentic Japanese dinner, and the chance to craft your own bespoke rum cocktails.

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