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Datin Lea Chan shares more about Hotel RED @ M101 Dang Wangi

Datin Lea Chan is ecstatic and justifiably so.

As M101 Holdings continues to make its mark through a series of exciting developments, this coming December will see the grand unveiling of its much-anticipated Hotel RED by Sirocco at M101 Dang Wangi, Kuala Lumpur. “There are just so many things going on right now,” Lea says, who is the business partner and wife to Dato Seth Yap. “We’re just a few months away from the opening and we are in the whirlwind of activities as the whole team is aggressively preparing towards the launch.”

That being said, Lea still manages to find time to be actively involved with REHDA Youth. “You need to have the passion to be committed and the willingness to share your knowledge so to inspire others to do amazing things. And through this association, it gives the exact opportunities and resources for the next generation of developers to bridge, network and grow. In order to steer the industry to greater heights, we have to put our differences aside and work together.”

Indeed, with all eyes on the company, there is hardly any room for disappointment.

Describe your ideal hotel.

To have all its basic amenities right. Frankly, if you strip out all the lavish interior and what not, the basic essential is the one detail that truly matters. As a frequent traveller, I appreciate all the little things most people take for granted. Simple as it may be, it can dramatically change the whole hotel experience. Which is why I can confidently tell you that RED is built with a traveller in mind and we do put a lot of importance into the guests’ experience with us. Although there is a certain industry standard to adhere to when it comes to service, at RED, we practise it as our culture. We want to make sure everyone has 101 reasons to stay with us, and only 1 to leave – when it’s time to check out. At RED, we dream to be inspired. There are so many inspirations to wake up to every day.

Why is RED red and how does it complement M101 Dang Wangi?

With the vision that we have for the hotel in mind, we came up with RED – which stands for Relax, Enjoy and Dream. Following is our brand’s commitment to developing properties that embody a balance of luxurious living with an affluent, urban backdrop. When you combine M101 Dang Wangi, which is surrounded by the colonial-style façade retail components, with RED, a plush contemporary living space, it becomes the ideal destination where people can enjoy quality living among a tapestry of multicultural influences located along the stretch of Heritage Row. And to further highlight the essence of the hotel and our aspiration for a fresh concept, we decided to include a red infinity rooftop pool.

And what is M101’s initial approach for RED?

Hospitality beyond possibilities is what we aim to achieve. And to be there, we need to be sincere in everything we do. The essence of RED is to “Relax, Enjoy and Dream” and we want our guests to connect with and fully immersed in our “Redness”. It is not a task; it is our dynamic mission. By sharing our enthusiasm through our services, we hope the guests can then pass it on to their friends and family.

What new trends or innovations has M101 applied to RED?

One of the little perks we have for our guests in their room is we serve Chinese tea, instead of just your everyday red tea. No doubt the red swimming pool on the rooftop that boasts a panoramic view of Kuala Lumpur’s cityscapes. There, we’re also introducing the columnless sky ballroom on the 23rd floor with full-glass panels, fitting up to 25 banquet tables, we’re equipped to host weddings, conventions and corporate events. Furthermore, we have installed a fully automated valet car park lift system. To keep up with the needs of the chic urbanites, our guests will enjoy high-speed internet – fast enough to even stream videos! Additionally, we have allocated an entire floor, called Diva Floor, dedicated especially to independent female travellers. Our Diva Floor rooms have a list of pampering items and amenities in the room.


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