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The Hansgrohe Group sets the standard for a luxurious bathroom experience with the AXOR brand.

Those looking for quality bathroom products will undoubtedly have noticed the Hansgrohe Group, a German company known for its mandate for attractive designs, as well as its two brands, AXOR and hansgrohe, both of which are synonymous with top-notch bathroom products. Where hansgrohe emphasises innovation and functionality, AXOR is all about luxury and sustainability while also incorporating individual uniqueness. With the recent launch of the AXOR One in Malaysia, it’s time to take a look at what else Hansgrohe’s AXOR brand has to offer in the way of bathroom luxuries.


First up’s the AXOR Citterio E, a new collection of bathroom fixtures designed with the triple concepts of elegance, high quality and worth in mind. The continuation of a successful partnership between hansgrohe and Antonio Citterio that began 14 years ago, the AXOR Citterio E is a combination of past and present features meant to enhance the bathroom experience. The 37-product collection is characterised by a balanced contrast of smooth shapes and clean lines, along with soft and slender mixer handles. Each product also carries a visually appealing and harmonious look complementing a variety of styles, ranging from Art Noveau to modern urban.

Another important feature of the AXOR Citterio E is its easy volume and temperature control; the various handles of the thermostat modules present the user an easy, intuitive way to grasp their functions, with the cross-handle denoting water volume and the cylindrical thermostat handle that of temperature. In addition, the integration of hansgrohe’s Select technology allows separate control of hand, side and overhead showers through simple-to-use buttons and icons.


Another collaboration, this time with Philippe Starck, the AXOR Starck V is a transparent washbasin mixer conceived by the concept of the vortex phenomenon. The idea that water could be brought to the forefront by utilising a vortex kick-started the development of the AXOR Starck V. The result is a mixer that represents, according to Starck himself, “The absolute minimum: totally transparent, almost invisible and enclosing a miracle that is the vortex.”

The organic, transparent design of AXOR Starck V gives it a thrilling yet subdued presence. Beyond serving the technical function of making water visible, the transparency also provides an aesthetic edge by visually fusing the mixer body with its surroundings, which is capped by the upward, swirling motion of water through the spout before freefalling back into the basin.

There are also certain innovations that add to the practical appeal of the AXOR Starck V – the mixer is produced out of organic material glass, which is not only sustainable but also durable, being scratch and detergent resistant. Adding to its sustainability, its flow rate of 4l/min means water is saved without compromising the user’s experience. It also sports an open, detachable and rotatable spout, which offers additional comfort such as a flexible installation of the mixer body, in combination with the washbasin, along with easy cleaning in the dishwasher.


An allusion to the German term for manufacture, the AXOR Manufaktur, as its name implies, is less a product and more a finishing process. The AXOR Manufaktur was created as a result of observing how the bathroom has become more than just a functional place, having become an important place for rejuvenation and personal space, due to an increasingly hectic modern lifestyle, which has placed an emphasis on high-quality, aesthetically pleasing bathroom products.

Having been around since 2002, the AXOR Manufaktur provides customisation, with products such as taps, shower heads and various other accessories being personalised to an individual client’s needs, with possibilities ranging from engravings to length adaptations.

All of this is possible, in no small part to an eight-man team around Lothar Schoch, AXOR Manufaktur’s head, which is capable of meeting the most diverse range of customer requests. Specially trained to meet the strict qualitative standards befitting the AXOR Manufaktur, their artisanship is complemented with state-of-the-art technology. Custom metal finishes, for example, are applied with in-house PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) technology, a process that involves igniting noble gases to produce vapour, which coats the objects with a highly resistant custom finish.

The AXOR Manufaktur has achieved some notable successes in its 14-year stint, with one being modified kitchen and electronic mixers for trendy gourmet restaurant ‘The Jane’ in Antwerp, per the specifications of famous Dutch interior architect Piet Boon. Another project of note are the spa taps for the renowned Four Seasons in Milan, which were handpicked by Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola.