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Extravagant Bliss with Celest Thoi

From delicate organza to smooth Egyptian cotton, Celest Thoi’s world of luxury revolves around sumptuous textures and bespoke creations.

As a renowned bridal gown designer, Celest Thoi’s ethereal creations are synonymous with fine quality materials and bespoke made-to-measure gowns. Her bridal showroom at The Gardens Mall is a haven of elegance and sophistication, filled with exquisite designs that are elegant and simple enough to cater to any type of brides. The petite designer emphasises that every bride is different and her gowns are tailored according to various sizes, specifications and requirements. “The key for my bride is to be comfortable in the dress. Once you are comfortable, everything else will fall into place,” she remarks.

Bringing dream wedding gowns to life, Celest places a strong emphasis on fine-quality materials to craft her bespoke creations by using a range of delicate materials such as silk, chiffon, lace and organza. “As a bridal designer, luxury is all about the feel, upon the first contact with your skin, you are able to experience how luxe or good the quality of the material is,” she says further, adding that she practises the same philosophy when it comes to investing in beds crafted from natural fillings as they contribute to her overall health.

For the working mother, who balances between a full-time career and managing the household, sleep has become a luxury. She confesses that her average amount of sleep is approximately six hours a night, thus it’s important for her to invest in a good mattress to encourage her to fall into a deep slumber without any interruptions. “I wake up at six o’clock every morning to get my children ready for school before I head off to work. When I get home in the evening, I usually go through my children’s homework and help them wash up before saying a prayer and maybe sing a song to them in bed. Once they fall asleep, peace and quiet settle in as I get to enjoy my personal time,” says the mother of two, who follows through a strict beauty regime before retiring to bed.

If there’s one thing the designer is willing to splurge on besides a good mattress, it’s her precious 1,000-thread-count Egyptian cotton bed sheets. “Elegance and luxury to me means simplicity, practicality and it has to fulfil the requirements of making you feel good.”

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