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Getha Reveals Secrets of a Perfect Sleep

Getha tells us why we should never go to bed with our mobile devices nearby.

Serious men doing serious research have discovered some handy tips that will ensure an ideal night’s rest. Genuine recommendations include a few pages of casual reading, a surprisingly chilly temperature of 16 degrees Celcius, and a bed that doesn’t attract electro-magnetic fields or EMF.

The by-product of advancements we’ve made in telecoms, the very mattress you’re lounging on could very well act as an antenna, absorbing EMF that could cause headaches, stress, fatigue and sleep disorders. Within your household, EMF can come from power sockets, TV sets, microwaves, tablets, laptops and your trusty mobile phones.

When you’re out and about, the body is consciously defending your cells against EMF. But come bedtime, your system goes into regeneration mode which can be interrupted by continuous exposure to EMF radiation. Recent studies have shown that metal based mattresses can channel a wide range of electromagnetic energy. Simply download an EMF detection application and put your bed to the test; spring mattress owners beware.

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Enter Getha’s brilliant Compass mattress.

Designed specifically to combat EMF, the Compass series is metal-free and comes with the Biocare Sleep System for an additional barrier against EMF radiation. Using Nano Technologic Yarns that block non-ionized radiation, the Biocare Technology was developed by Boyteks engineers.

These clever boffins are among the top 10 global makers of upholstery fabrics, and place special importance on innovation for solutions that are truly ahead of their time. Blocking up to 98.5% of electromagnetic waves, Compass mattresses also reduce static electricity to aid in regulating our body’s bio-rhythm. In addition, the face layer of Biocare materials contain an antibacterial feature that kills odours too.

Combining these qualities with Getha’s unrivalled dedication to high-quality natural latex — that replicates your sleeping environment as closely as possible to nature — and you have a product the guarantees a good night’s sleep like no other.

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