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Celebrate Chinese New Year with Royal Selangor’s Eastern inspirations

Discover Royal Selangor’s perfectly curated gift list for this Chinese New Year.

A time meant for celebrating traditions and reuniting with family, Chinese New Year is a much-anticipated festivity as vibrant as its signature red and gold hues. Though the norm is to arrive at a relative’s doorstep with the season’s trademark Mandarin oranges, aim to go the extra mile this year with a little something more – and what better place to start than Royal Selangor’s perfectly curated gift list of its finest Eastern inspirations? 

Cloud Tea Set

For the resident tea drinkers content to sit in lengthy conversation as they wait for their Oolong to finish steeping, the Cloud Tea Set, a favourite from Royal Selangor’s Tranquility collection dedicated to the fine art of tea drinking, would be a wise gifting choice. Crafted from satin-finish pewter, porcelain and bamboo, the tea service comprises a teapot, four elegantly curved teacups and a handsome tray of well-made proportions. The teapot can even be personalised, allowing for your recipient’s name or a customised message to be carved alongside the engraved likeness of rugged mountain cliffs. 

Peach and Monkey Tea Pet

The Peach and Monkey Tea Pet made from pewter and unglazed Yixing clay, which is also part of the Tranquility collection, is a novelty meant for genuine tea lovers, its purpose being to infuse it with the fragrant scent of tea by pouring leftover tea brew over it. Meanwhile, the Nyonya-ware inspired, generously proportioned Peony Tea Caddy from the Straits Expression series features the delicate renderings of baoxiang flowers on its lid, symbolising both feminine beauty and loving affection. 

Birds Decanter

For those who prefer their drinks a little stronger when they make their toast over the reunion dinner table, a gift from Royal Selangor’s Savannah collection, one that details the fascinating and formidable wildlife of the African continent in a romantic Art Deco style, would be a more suitable choice. 

The Birds Decanter displays the etchings of the distinctly African crowned crane, flamingo, grey parrot and sacred ibis on the cardinal points of the decanter’s pewter collar, lending an unmistakably tribal feel to the vessel’s overall design; while the geometric Panther Tankard LG pays tribute to the Machine Age of the past with a cast Bakelite handle that’s bolted with brass screws. The Crocodile Wine Funnel and Lion Wine Pourer, on the other hand, adds that extra flair to the art of pouring wine.

2019 Year of the Pig Plaque

If you want to impress your host with your well wishes of wealth, prosperity and good fortune, then a pewter piece bearing traditionally auspicious imageries would be the best call. Royal Selangor’s 2019 Year of the Pig Plaque – a limited-edition item for the Year of the Pig with only 1,000 worldwide – is one such piece and features an illustration of a contented sow and her piglets gilded in 24k gold against a backdrop of blooming chrysanthemums. A pewter plate for personalisation is also included with the piece. 

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