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Jason Choong and Mercedes-Benz are taking a new approach by showing more modernity, progressivism and dynamism

There’s absolutely no denying that the E-Class is practically the heart of Mercedes-Benz. After all, the German automaker’s beloved executive saloon has reportedly sold over 13 million units since 1953. That already covetous figure continues to climb with the release of its latest E 350 e plug-in hybrid in the sporty AMG line.

Dynamic and contemporary, this sporty automobile is highly sought after by the exceptional individuals who are leading and promoting an active lifestyle. Notably, these are the people who see sports as a recreational activity. Personally, I never really understood the appeal of sports, let alone indoor cycling. To imagine myself sitting on a stationary bike, sweating and pedalling away with a trainer urging me to pedal faster and to not stop – well, not my idea of having fun. How much can you really gain through indoor spinning classes?

However, meeting Jason Choong, Co-Founder of Flycycle, in person, I can only refer to him as the epitome of fitness. “I stopped going to the gym the day I started Flycycle. And then, I was only doing it (Flycycle) three or four times a week, 45 minutes each time. But I saw my body transforming instantly. The way the muscles toned and shaped by cycling is something hard to replicate and it is definitely not something you can just do it at
home,” he says. “I have to highlight that at Flycycle, our adrenaline-charged, high-intensity sessions are specially curated to strengthen your body, tone your core and burn calories.”

The embodiment of modern style and refined sportiness, the Mercedes-Benz E 350 e AMG line carries them off with an astounding lightness of touch

A Malaysia’s equivalent to the New York-based SoulCycle, Flycycle established its first outlet in 2016 in Verve Shops, Mont Kiara and aims to revolutionise the Malaysian indoor cycling scene one cardio party at a time. “It’s exactly how Mercedes has again raised the bar over predecessors by introducing the new E-Class hybrid as a successor to the W212 E 300 BlueTEC Hybrid. Nowadays, people are constantly caught between building their careers and having a social life. It’s a new attitude of life that is constantly changing and change is mandatory to keep them interested. Which is why at Flycycle, we really try to make each class short but designed in such a way that all of our riders will have a great time while working out with us,” Jason explains, adding that what he really loves about the whole experience is getting to eat whatever he wants without feeling guilty at all.

Nowadays, people are constantly caught between building their careers and having a social life. It’s a new attitude of life that is constantly changing and change is mandatory to keep them interested

Additionally, he also reveals that most of the riders see the classes as a holistic workout that momentarily disconnects them from their busy schedules. “To give you a better idea, you’re not going to just cycle for 45 minutes non-stop. Our Fly Crews have carefully crafted soundtracks and choreographed movements to encourage you to ride to the beat and dance through the rhythm, all amidst a neon-lit studio room.” Personally, there is something about its tagline “Free your soul and ride as one” that resonates with me. Maybe it is the phrase “free your soul” or perhaps the simple idea of riding with everyone in unison as one community, which gives me a sense of utopia.

Effortless superiority meets sensuality, the horizontal lines found on the latest E 350 e gives an impression of breadth that underlines the stylishness of what Mercedes-Benz can offer

Furthermore, Jason is excited to share some of the plans he has installed for 2018. Known as the Flyproject, it is created to cater and reach out to more people. “Some of our riders have to put their bikes on hold due to pregnancies. In addition to that, we also want to balance out the gender distribution in the Fly Community. Somehow, some people refer to cycling as a ladies-oriented sport but in reality, it’s not. This is a matter we’re working on disputing.”

With much to offer, Jason reassures me that for now, Fly is solely focused on being just Fly. “In the earlier stages, we saw competition as a threat but soon we realised that it’s more beneficial to stop doing it. Instead of looking left and right, we are now only driving straight ahead.” Notably, Jason also credits his father as an inspiration. “I have been learning a lot from my father who runs a business in the most traditional of ways. Nevertheless, I am aware that the members of the team in Fly are different and managing them means practising flexibility. Most of the people on my team are there because they love being there. When they are enjoying their work, their enthusiasm easily translates to our customers and riders. It shows!” Jason replies, before admitting that “being a person who is naturally shy yet working in a very people-oriented business, he has much more to learn and improve”.

Read the full feature in Prestige Malaysia December 2017.



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