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Prestige KK Special: Agyness Lee

In conjunction with the Prestige Malaysia KK Ball, Prestige Malaysia highlights six inspiring individuals who are paving the path for Sabah’s future. As the next generation of Sabah’s future leaders, they have found their footing in a place they can call home once again as they make their mark for a better tomorrow.

Agyness Lee is 26, petite and ready to take on the cut-throat world of real estate. Not one to play by the rules, the effervescent lass, who has a penchant for style, boasts an unassuming-yet-ambitious personality as she forges her own successful path, amassing an investment portfolio valued at a total of RM25 million. Armed with a cheerful smile, the vivacious entrepreneur constantly seeks opportunities to diversify into other profitable ventures as she has a fervent passion for investment. “I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur since I was young. I find successful women attractive especially when they succeed on their own,” she opens up.

Agyness spent four years in London pursuing a Bachelor of Business degree before returning to Kota Kinabalu in 2012. Heeding the call to join the rat race, she took up a position in commercial banking with UOB for six months before calling it quits to mould her future in her own way. “I realised that nine-to-five desk jobs aren’t suitable for me and I prefer to work on my own,” she discloses. With the reins of her future in her hands, Agyness embarked on a new journey and dived into the relentless world of real estate. “I met a friend who was doing really well in real estate and I started to learn the art of the business from her. I managed to buy my first property when I was just 22 years old,” she exclaims with pride. In just a short span of time, Agyness has risen to the top as a formidable player, displaying a genuine strong suit in the art of deal-closing.

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