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Mother’s Day Special: Zaireen Ibrahim

The perils and joy that comes along with motherhood can be a tricky situation at times as it is anything but easy. Prestige Malaysia speaks to four working mums who fearlessly embarked on their own tireless journey as they open up about achieving the ideal balance, their various approaches to tackle the challenges that comes with motherhood and seeking their sense of identity amidst the chaos.

Ambitious and driven, Zaireen Ibrahim takes everything in her stride, including motherhood. The term ”Supermum” has to exist in her dictionary as the fashion enthusiast remains poised and collected during our photoshoot despite cries from her seven-month-old son and demands from her opinionated daughter, Kara. Juggling between her demanding role as assistant general manager of The Melium Group and motherhood, striking a balance between the two responsibilities seems like a near impossible task but Zaireen assures us it is achievable.
“I’ve learned to be more organised and patient since becoming a mum. On weekdays, I’ll try to get off work early and spend an hour in the gym then be home in time for dinner,” Zaireen shares on her daily routine.

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