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Mother’s Day Special: Ung Yiu Lin

The perils and joy that comes along with motherhood can be a tricky situation at times as it is anything but easy. Prestige Malaysia speaks to four working mums who fearlessly embarked on their own tireless journey as they open up about achieving the ideal balance, their various approaches to tackle the challenges that comes with motherhood and seeking their sense of identity amidst the chaos.

As a successful entrepreneur who made a mark for herself at the tender age of 26, Ung Yiu Lin believes she is destined to be her own individual. “I don’t just stand as a mother. I am more than that – I am a mother, a wife and an entrepreneur. I’m also a friend and a daughter to my parents,” the founder of Shoes Shoes Shoes and KLutched remarks firmly.
Her ardent dedication to building her shoe business empire is reflected in her parenting journey, as she embodies the same commitment when it comes to her children. “I want to make sure I am 110% devoted to my children. That’s why I’ve always kept motherhood for a much later part of my life. For me, it’s important to make sure career wise I’ve done what I wanted to do as much as possible, travel and experience life until I get to that sweet spot where I’m now ready to be a mum,” she states while her firstborn Zara cuddles up to her.

Read more in Prestige Malaysia May 2016 issue.