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Mother’s Day Special: Shirena Dato’ Hamzah

The perils and joy that comes along with motherhood can be a tricky situation at times as it is anything but easy. Prestige Malaysia speaks to four working mums who fearlessly embarked on their own tireless journey as they open up about achieving the ideal balance, their various approaches to tackle the challenges that comes with motherhood and seeking their sense of identity amidst the chaos

When Shirena Hamzah was pregnant with her third child, she was told one thing – that she was about to be very stressed out. “There was an article floating around Facebook that said a mother of three is the most stressed out mum. Of course I panicked!” she laughs when we touch upon the subject of her precious three children. Ironically, she’s in a happy place now. “Children are a blessing and I love being a mum. It gets easier for me as I find that motherhood is all in phases which is really great. My two elder children are more independent now and they entertain each other so that makes things easier for now,” she shares while carrying her youngest child Alandra who never fails to crack a smile.

As the founder and principal instructor of Dancesteps Studio, Shirena has been working and taking care of kids on a daily basis since she first founded her dance studio at the age of 21. Hence, it is no surprise that motherhood came quite naturally to her.

Read more in Prestige Malaysia May 2016 issue.