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Mother’s Day Special: Elaine Daly

The perils and joy that comes along with motherhood can be a tricky situation at times as it is anything but easy. Prestige Malaysia speaks to four working mums who fearlessly embarked on their own tireless journey as they open up about achieving the ideal balance, their various approaches to tackle the challenges that comes with motherhood and seeking their sense of identity amidst the chaos.

Elaine Daly had her life planned out when she was in her twenties. Armed with sheer tenacity and gumption, the formidable former lawyer and Miss Universe Malaysia 2003 was determined to make her own breakthrough in the industry. Her thirst for success opened up doors in acting, hosting and even producing as she ticked off various achievements off her list. She’s recently added another role to her resume as she embarks on a new journey – motherhood. “My priorities are definitely very different now. My family comes first with regards to everything that I do,” she opens up when we ask her about her new role.

The past two years have been a whirlwind journey for her after she tied the knot and eventually settled down to welcome the birth of her firstborn Eva Jean. As her twenties were all about trailblazing accomplishments, Elaine has no regrets leaving motherhood for a later stage in life.

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