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Hermione Olivia on Travel and Style

The Australian digital influencer shares with us her tips on countering jet lag and packing light while still looking chic. 

As the founder of, Hermione Olivia knows a thing or two about exploring the most coveted destinations while embracing culture and diversity. The stylish jet-setter lives out of a suitcase and is constantly exploring a new city each week. She provides a daily dose of inspiration to her followers and channels her creativity into special collaborations, including being the new face of Sereni & Shentel and Bowerhaus.


How do you pick your next travel destination?

My schedule is so crazy, I never really know where I’m going next. I usually try to plan a few months in advance but sometimes, I get pulled somewhere else. I get a lot of opportunities to go to beautiful places and it’s usually out of the blue. I tend to cover a lot of Europe because I live in London. But being an Australian, I do spend a lot of time in Sydney as well, which allows me to comb through Asia.

How do you cope with jet lag?

I never had jet lag until six months ago. I only get it on long-haul flights, but I try to get out in the sunlight and set my clock to the destination before I leave. I don’t eat plane food, so I always eat before I get on the plane. I also hydrate by drinking plenty of water.

What is your favourite travel destination?

I absolutely love the Italian Riviera; I love the Italian culture and people. As cliché as it sounds, Paris is also my favourite city as I feel that no matter how much time I spend there, I always find a new area or street to explore. I love going back to Sydney and seeing the place as a tourist. In Asia, Kuala Lumpur is my favourite city as it’s modern and fast-paced, but it also has a grungy old-world charm.

Can you share with us a tip on how to pack light while still looking effortlessly chic?

I usually wear my jacket on the plane and a lot of black clothing as it’s easy to mix and match with a different lipstick shade or accessory to switch up the look. I’m obsessed with accessories. You can put on a big pair of earrings with a black dress and instantly glam up your look. The thing is that people travel with too many toiletries and that take up a lot of space, so I would just travel with the absolute basics or go into a pharmacy to buy toiletries.

What does it take for someone to make travelling as their full-time job?

You just have to be relaxed and easy-going about it. Flights get delayed or cancelled and luggage gets lost, so just don’t worry about it. I went to the Maldives for four days and my luggage only showed up on the third day, so I wore a robe around the resort for three days. I do suggest carrying the absolute basics on board, so I’ll bring my make-up products, a change of underwear, spare jumper and jacket, in case of anything.